Covid 19 live updates: E.U. medical official urges caution over some states’ preliminary approval of Russia’s Sputnik V – The Washington Post

Here are some significant developments:

  • Scientists knew that the coronavirus would mutate, they just had no idea it would happen so fast, and now they fear the loose cannon variants could wreck hard-won progress.
  • The support for President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package in much of the country suggests a shift in attitude over the role of the government in helping the economy.
  • A look inside the shifting messaging and struggle to implement one of Biden’s central promises: to get children back into classrooms as soon as possible.
  • Hundreds participated in an hours-long party Saturday in Boulder, Colo., that culminated in revelers shooting fireworks, flipping over a car and provoking the deployment of a SWAT team.
  • A Mexican restaurant kept its mask rules even as the rest of Texas rescinded its mandate. The result was a flood of hate mail and threats to send immigration authorities to the restaurant.
  • More than a half-million Americans have died from the coronavirus while nearly 29 million cases have been reported.

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