Forrester’s Digital Go-To-Market Review: Consumer Electronics Edition

Our latest update to our “Digital Go To Market Review For Brands” series looks at the consumer electronics sector. Electronics store sales peaked in 2007, and since then an ever-growing proportion of consumer electronic sales has moved online.[i] In 2020, 64% of US online adults said that they made a consumer electronics purchase online on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.[ii]

However, selling consumer electronics online can have its perils. For example, online marketplaces can promise access to vast swaths of new customers — but potentially also arm’s-length relationships with those customers. Other considerations include less control around placement, plus potential proximity to gray-market sellers for brand goods.

So what’s a brand manufacturer to do? Take control.

To help them do that, Forrester’s Digital Go-To-Market Review series evaluates a set of brands in a specific category to see how well they are positioned to thrive independently. In this review we evaluated 23 consumer electronics brands on five elements, covering 20 sub-elements. Specifically, for each brand, we reviewed its:

  • Direct-to-consumer strength
  • Brand visibility online
  • Distribution and e-control
  • Organic consumer enthusiasm
  • Product innovation

From this review, we rated 7 brands as best in class: Apple, Bose, Canon, HP, iRobot, Logitech, and Microsoft. To learn more about what makes these brands stand apart and best practices for this sector overall, please see the newly-published summary report, “Digital Go-To-Market Review: Consumer Electronic Brands, 2021.”

To learn more about our brand manufacturer research and the Digital Go-To-Market Review — and what your company should do based on these findings — please email Madeline Cyr (, me (, or your Forrester account manager.


[i] “Monthly Retail Trade Survey: Electronics and Appliance Stores,” U.S. Census Bureau

[ii] Base: 5322 online adults who have purchased consumer electronics in the past six months

Source: Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics Retail Consumer Buyer Journey Survey, 2020


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